the eye


to travel

Our work isn’t just about photography: it’s about society, it’s about fashion, it’s about art, it’s about music. We think all of these layers together, not to get people what they want, but what they don’t know they want yet.

The eye has to travel.

We’re Julia & Tomas – Multidisciplinary photographers and designers working and traveling around the world. We’re from Argentina and now based in London, or well, wherever we want to go!

As photographers, we work with hotels, artists, architects, chefs and musicians. Our goal is to provide a strong concept that is worth remembering. You won’t find typical photos in our portfolio, we think each project as an adventure that opens a question, without recurring to any well-worn paths to diminish risks. Our photos have been featured in books, magazines and exhibitions.

As designers, Julia is the founder and director of Julia Miceli Pitta studio based in London, working within the intersection of art, design and storytelling. She has led teams and projects at The Mill UK (UK), ORO Publishers (Italy) and Netflix (US) and Surround NYC (US). Tomas, is the founder and director of a Zimba Digital Marketing agency working worldwide, some of his clients are Samsung (US), NotCo (LATAM) and Icase (US). 

Combining our knowledge, we can’t go wrong. We’re always in-between photography, business, design and communication. We are what we do and we love what we are.

We speak English, Italian and Spanish.

We’d love to help your business – Check out our portfolio and get in touch!